Agustín Ignacio Toulemonde was borned in Puerto Belgrano, Argentina. Agustín was rised in the bosom of a catholic military family.  He studied College in Mar del Plata, a coastline fishery town. Because of his family believes and principles, on 2003 he decided to get in to the Navy in order to serve his country.

 “I´m honoured and privileged for having the chance to serve to the Argentinian Navy for almost ten years”

During 2007 Toulemonde was part of the crew on board  A.R.A “Libertad” Tallship, he sailed for over 15000 nautical miles during 4 months. It was his chance to set on true life living his sailing knowledge awarded at the Navy Academy. They were also part of diplomatic activities celebrated by the Argentinean Government. He represented his country in several ports of call and cities of Chile, Peru, Colombia, United States, Panama, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, France, Italy.

On a successful graduation, he acquired B. Sc. Degree on Administration at Instituto Universitario Naval.

By the beginning of the summer 2007 he was commissioned on board Argentinian Tug Fleet A.R.A. “Suboficial Castillo” to be part of a Combined Naval Antartic Patrol within Chilean Navy, he sailed almost 6500 nautical miles in the Antartic Seas. He gained lot of knowladge by the side of other experiencied crew members.

On the summer of 2008 he was part of the same International Operation, this time as a grown experiencied deck officer. He accomplished duties as Deck, Operations, Communications, and Navigation Officer, being responsible for the management of personnel, the administration of materiel and logistics activities.

On May 2009 he was deployed a MEKO 360 Frigate at Puerto Belgrano. His duty was assist to the Master on  Mission planning refered to the Navigation Secureness.

By 2010 his academic syllabus at Instituto Universitario Naval included fundamental subjects such as Calculus, Physics, IT, and other special knowledge and skills in the field of Radar, Electronic Navigation Systems Theory and Operation; Radio Wave Propagation; Microwave and Antenna Units; Microprocessor and other Circuitry; Ship Communication Systems; Cable and Multiplex Technology; Computer Communications; Electronic Equipment Repairs; Naval Weapons and Tactics; Electronic Warfare and Interference Protection of Radio Equipment; etc.

He had a great ambicious goal, he wanted earn the right to wear the submarine officer insignia, prospective submariners complete an extensive qualification process that lasts one year and covers virtually all of the submarine’s systems. He was fascinated by this warfare operations and its strategic power. It wasn’t easy but he made it after all. By the end of 2011 he got his goal made.

On January 2012 he was deploy to a 209 Class Submarine.

Argentina´s politics on Defense cut short Agustin´s objectives in mind. He quit the navy.

His life steering wheel was now set on a new course with hope and faith, on Jan 2013 he got his Merchant Navy Deck Officer Degree.


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